Uplands PEAK


I discovered Uplands PEAK Sanctuary right before a road trip, and I knew I had to find a way to visit them. Michelle and Mark graciously accepted my request, and soon I was heading to Salem, Indiana, to the ONLY vegan-principled animal sanctuary in the state. 

Where do I begin with this place? 

Everything and everyone was so beautiful. The cows. The chickens. The pigs. The goats. The pastures. The bright buildings. The golden light casting over the property. The sounds of grass and hay being munched away.

I loved getting to know Michelle, Mark, and the residents who make up the PEAK family. As we walked the sanctuary, we talked about the ebbs and flows, and challenges and rewards of sanctuary life. They mentioned how critical it is to have community support. And if there is one thing I've learned so far with this project, it's just that: the community makes all the difference. So if you're reading this and thinking about how you can support a sanctuary, take action now! Animal sanctuaries need you. Animals need you. If you are unable to volunteer your time, consider sponsoring an animal, helping with supplies, or going to a benefit event. Just. Do. Something.

I never thought I would find an animal sanctuary in Indiana, but this magical place exists, tucked away in the back roads of southern Indiana. It was such a joy to experience Uplands PEAK. 

To donate to, volunteer at, or learn more about Uplands PEAK, check out their website, facebook, and instagram! OH – and they have an adorable on-site, eco-friendly cabin (affectionately named the Jelly Glabin), where you can stay overnight and be immersed in nature and their sanctuary. Read more and book your stay here.

To see more images from my day at Uplands PEAK, head over to their gallery here.