Daydreaming of Summer


Winter, I'm really trying to embrace you. I'm cooking with all of your cold-hardy vegetables. I'm bundling up and going outside. I'm appreciating your moodiness. I'm even taking time to rest! But I do miss the lush colors of your sister, Summer, and her warm, sunny hugs. And the fruits of her season, which I love to observe, photograph, and eat so very much. 

Here is a little tribute to her, from the farms of Harvest of Joy and Earthkeeper: two places and multiple people who have inspired me and taught me many life lessons through their relationship with plants and the earth. These farms work with the earth, rather than against her, with sustainable, respectful, and nurturing growing practices.

I'm really looking forward to Summer and getting my hands in the dirt. And photographing vibrant, natural colors. And eating heirloom tomatoes. But for now I will enjoy the remainder of Winter, as wholly as I can, and try to creatively cook carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and onions for just about the 100th time. 

Check out Harvest of Joy Farm here. Their 2018 CSA memberships are now available – read about and consider it! You won't be disappointed.

Learn more about Earthkeeper here. Pop over to their stand at the Fulton Street Farmer's Market in the Spring, and visit them at the 2018 Growers Fare on March 17.

To see more images from Harvest of Joy and Earthkeeper, click here and here.